Woman Called ‘Entitled’ For Refusing To Do Multiple Job Interviews & Repeatedly Explain Her Resume, But Others Say She’s A Hero

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There are few as anx­i­ety-induc­ing and frus­trat­ing as a job search—the con­stant resume updates, the inter­minable wait­ing and won­der­ing after an inter­view, and the hag­gling over salary when you final­ly do get an offer. It’s one of life’s most unpleas­ant chores. 

One on Tik­Tok has decid­ed she is no longer will­ing to play any games when it comes to job hunt­ing.

A woman on TikTok is being called a ‘hero’ for refusing to endure her job-hunting pet peeves.

Job hunt­ing is lit­er­al­ly among the most stress­ful slogs we humans have to endure—according to psy­chol­o­gists, the job search process actu­al­ly acti­vates the part of our “lizard brain” where the fight-or-flight reflex lives, like if we were in actu­al dan­ger.

So when the job inter­view process turns into a drawn-out, mul­ti-step gaunt­let, it makes an already tax­ing affair all the more nerve-grat­ing. Tik­Tok­er Cal­lie, known as @_cal_cifer on the app, has a sim­ple solution—walking away the moment the process becomes tedious.

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She refuses to go on interviews or spend more than a month in the hiring process.

We’ve all been there—we make it through the inter­view on the phone, then we meet with a hir­ing man­ag­er. As if that weren’t stress­ful enough, now we’ve got to meet with one, two, three, maybe even a whole ret­inue of oth­er peo­ple, rack­ing up mul­ti­ple inter­views and using up , days and weeks of our time—often only to end up not even get­ting the job in the end.

Cal­lie has said “absolute­ly not” to this all too com­mon wringer that is atop the list of many peo­ple’s job-hunt­ing pet peeves. “If you’re ask­ing me to come and do three and four inter­views, the chances are I’m just not inter­est­ed in that job any­more,” she declared.

In fact, she’s refused to par­tic­i­pate in any lengthy hir­ing process at all, regard­less of how many inter­views are required. “If your selec­tion process takes more than a month,” she went on to say, “there’s a decent chance that I’m not inter­est­ed in that job any­more.” Time is mon­ey, as they say, so it’s hard to argue she does­n’t have a .

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Her job-hunting pet peeves also include having to rehash her resume and haggle over salary, and she refuses to do either.

Cal­lie shares many peo­ple’s job-hunt­ing pet peeves—the con­stant regur­gi­ta­tion of your resume details. Being asked to man­u­al­ly enter your resume details in 2023 is an absurd ask on its face.

But when you’ve already been required to upload a PDF of it in the first place? Well, that’s just plain infu­ri­at­ing, not to men­tion time-con­sum­ing, and many peo­ple have begun refus­ing to play that game any­more.

Cal­lie takes this one step fur­ther, though—she refus­es to even her resume details over and over again, and calls it a deal-break­er. “If I have to re-explain my entire resume at every step of the process because it’s obvi­ous those inter­view­ing me did­n’t even both­er to glance at it, I’m prob­a­bly not inter­est­ed in that job any­more.”

And she rejects many com­pa­nies’ lack of trans­paren­cy about salaries too. “If you refuse to give con­crete salary ranges until the offer let­ter is sent out, I’m prob­a­bly not inter­est­ed in that job any­more,” she .

For her, this all comes down to a fun­da­men­tal lack of respect for appli­cants’ time, and she has some blunt advice for hir­ing managers—“Good appli­cants are also not going to wait around and wait for you to fig­ure it out.”

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Some feel the woman is ‘entitled’ and demanding too much, but even some HR professionals agree the job interview process is broken.

Of course, Cal­lie got the expect­ed back­lash for her approach to the job search process. “That is the prob­lem with your gen­er­a­tion,” one crank com­ment­ed, “you want every­thing giv­en to you instead of work­ing for it. No won­der your gen­er­a­tion will get nowhere.” Anoth­er user agreed. “Yes! Then they com­plain bout how hor­ri­ble cap­i­tal­ism is & bout how hor­ri­ble jobs pay,” they wrote.

But even old­er peo­ple rolled their eyes at that sug­ges­tion. “What does gen­er­a­tion have to do with it?! I’m 47 and I’m not going to a mil­lion inter­views for a job,” anoth­er per­son respond­ed. A man in his late 50s respond­ed sim­i­lar­ly, giv­ing a two-week lim­it to employ­ers before he moves on in his search.

And most felt Cal­lie was spot on in her refusal to play games or put up with her job-hunt­ing pet peeves.

“If you’re ask­ing me to jump through a dozen hoops in the appli­ca­tion process,” one per­son wrote, “I’m going to assume the job will be dis­re­spect­ful as well.” Anoth­er user put it more simply—they the­o­rized that com­pa­nies and HR depart­ments who put job appli­cants through these wringers “like­ly don’t want good, they want des­per­ate.”

Even many HR pro­fes­sion­als and recruiters agree that the job search and inter­view­ing process is pro­found­ly broken—and some, like the HR exec­u­tive and coach known as @HRManifesto in the Tik­Tok below, say peo­ple like Cal­lie are doing the right thing.

She sug­gests you always ask recruiters and hir­ing man­agers about their hir­ing process and time­line before even accept­ing an inter­view. “You don’t want to waste your time with a com­pa­ny that does­n’t mind wast­ing your time,” she said.

Espe­cial­ly in today’s world of low pay and even low­er job secu­ri­ty, expect­ing appli­cants to go through the wringer for a job that like­ly won’t hes­i­tate to get rid of them if the going gets tough is a pret­ty tall order. And giv­en the US’s ongo­ing labor shortage—with some 10 mil­lion unfilled jobs and only 5.7 mil­lion unem­ployed work­ers to fill them accord­ing to the US Cham­ber of Commerce—companies would do well to fix their bro­ken inter­view sys­tems, and do it as soon as pos­si­ble.

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