The Golden Age of Office Conversions

In an arti­cle for CoStar News, Katie Burke describes major adap­tive reuse projects that are con­vert­ing build­ings into hous­ing or uses. “There are about 100 such con­ver­sion projects under­way across major cities in the Unit­ed , accord­ing to CoStar and bro­ker­age CBRE. That is a sig­nif­i­cant spike com­pared to the annu­al aver­age of about 40 office con­ver­sions between 2016 and 2022.”

Almost half of the prop­er­ties are being con­vert­ed into mul­ti­fam­i­ly hous­ing, while around 20 are being con­vert­ed to life sci­ences uses. While con­ver­sion isn’t pos­si­ble or effi­cient for all office build­ings, many of them lend them­selves to adap­tive reuse.

See the source arti­cle for a list of sig­nif­i­cant con­ver­sion projects from around the coun­try, pho­tos.

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