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Hey every­one.

This is GQ rec­om­mends.

We’re gonna down the four essen­tial suits

you need to cov­er every dress code.

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Whether it’s a wed­ding, whether it’s a job inter­view,

whether it’s a baby show­er, what­ev­er you’re going to,

these suits will get the job done.

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Clean and clas­sic.

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These are the suits that you wan­na start with

that are gonna look good for almost any occa­sion.

Any­thing short of black tie for­mal, you can wear a suit

like this too.

It’s not too loud.

It’s not too crazy.

And you’re gonna look smooth, you’re gonna look suave.

You want to keep things dark and you want

to keep things ele­gant.

A suit like this is as clas­sic as it gets.

The lapels aren’t too wide.

They’re not too skin­ny.

The pat­tern isn’t too strong.

It’s not over­pow­er­ing.

It’s gonna go with a ton of dif­fer­ent shirt and tie options.

This suit is actu­al­ly from the ’50s.

I bought it vin­tage for like a lit­tle over 150 bucks,

and minus some very small adjust­ments,

it fit me pret­ty per­fect­ly

and it’s going to fit me well for the rest of my life.

If you keep things in that dark­er range

of tones, your blacks, your navies, your char­coal grays,

those suits are going to be as ver­sa­tile as pos­si­ble.

ASAP Rocky, Mr. Rihan­na him­self,

he is an absolute style god.

He loves to go freaky and funky with his style.

But right here, when he keep it clas­sic,

he shows that even the wildest dressers

look good in a plain black suit.

If your style tends to run a lit­tle more idio­syn­crat­ic

and you feel that black or navy or gray

feels maybe a lit­tle too safe,

then you could try a brown suit, which is

very neu­tral col­or that goes with a lot of things.

Brown is def­i­nite­ly some­thing that we would con­sid­er

more of a new clas­sic.

If you’re to buy your first suit

you could start with a black suit,

you could start with a navy suit.

A great place to look for some­thing like that

would be a place like Reiss.

It’s a British com­pa­ny.

They make very clas­sic tai­lored stuff

at very afford­able prices.

This one is a great exam­ple of a suit that won’t

break the bank, but will also not ever go out­ta style.

Anoth­er great place to find an afford­able suit is J. Crew.

J. Crew has long been the stan­dard for great Amer­i­can suits

that don’t cost a lot of mon­ey.

This is a great exam­ple of a clean and clas­sic navy suit

that will go with every­thing,

that is a nice weight for the spring and sum­mer­time

and will last you a real­ly real­ly long time.

Anoth­er great mid-range option still clocks in

under $1000, which is a real­ly great val­ue

for a suit of this qual­i­ty.

Some­thing from Sid Mash­burn’s.

These are the kinds of suits that you would’ve seen guys

like JFK wear.

They feel pres­i­den­tial.

If the suit isn’t you feel pres­i­den­tial

when you wear it, don’t both­er buy­ing it.

If bud­get is absolute­ly no option for you,

then the place to go for a suit of this nature is Tom Ford.

He is a fash­ion mas­ter­mind.

His suits are reg­u­lar­ly on red car­pets, all over the .

He spares no expense on the finest, finest tai­lor­ing.

These suits look so razor sharp when you wear them.

They look like they were mold­ed to your body

and that’s worth the cost of admis­sion,

even though that cost of admis­sion is pret­ty pro­hib­i­tive.

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[Ger­ald] Light and breezy.

So light and breezy suits,

prob­a­bly more of a sum­mer­time sit­u­a­tion, so you’re think­ing

lighter fab­ric, cot­ton, linen, maybe a com­bo of both.

So the occa­sions you might wan­na wear a light

and breezy suit, a des­ti­na­tion type wed­ding.

Gar­den par­ties.

Yeah. Gar­den par­ties would be great.

You know, you can dress these up or down.

You can pair it with a shirt.

You can rock it with a polo,

maybe throw on some can­vas sneak­ers.

Anoth­er thing to keep in mind when you’re wear­ing suits

like this is that because the fab­rics are so light,

they’re going to wrin­kle, and that’s just some­thing

you to get used to.

Young is wear­ing a nice cot­ton suit from Alex Mill.

Under $500 for the jack­et and the pants.

On a light and breezy sum­mer gar­den par­ty sit­u­a­tion,

this is per­fect.

If you’re look­ing for some­thing in a sort of mid­dle

of the road, price point, Todd Sny­der is a great option.

We’ve got this guy right here in a nice light

olive and light­weight cot­ton fab­ric.

A suit like this is gonna stand out a lit­tle bit more

than a kha­ki suit, but it’s gonna go

with just as many things.

If you real­ly wan­na show out for what­ev­er occa­sion

you’re going to, this Fear of God suit is

if I see you on the street, applause.

It’s made from this real­ly light­weight

sort of silky crepe fab­ric.

So, it’s not prone to wrin­kling like a linen or cot­ton suit,

but it’s still light­weight, it’s still breath­able.

It’s got this great relaxed sil­hou­ette.

A suit like this, it’s like so lux­u­ri­ous and avant garde

that the flowi­ness of it does a lot of the talk­ing for you.

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[Avi­dan] Funky and loud.

Funky and loud suits are suits that’ll make

a seri­ous state­ment regard­less of where you’re going.

The cut could be super unusu­al, it could be volu­mi­nous.

Don­ald Glover, for exam­ple is wear­ing an asym­met­ri­cal­ly cut

dou­ble breast­ed suit.

Again with that, tell­tale slight flare

at the bot­tom and he looks fan­tas­tic.

The tex­ture could be inter­est­ing

like the suit that Kyle’s wear­ing here.

The col­or could also be the dif­fer­en­ti­at­ing fac­tor.

It could be super out­ra­geous or extrav­a­gant.

Light blue in par­tic­u­lar will com­pli­ment you

regard­less of the occa­sion.

I don’t know if there is a swervi­er suit wear­er today

more than Har­ry Styles,

the king of funky and loud tai­lor­ing.

So Har­ry’s suits are cut fair­ly dis­tinc­tive­ly.

You’ll notice at the bot­tom

they fin­ish with a pret­ty heav­i­ly flared leg open­ing,

which is a design flour­ish we’ve seen

more and more brands doing nowa­days.

The most thing to remem­ber is that if you’re going

to some­one else’s wed­ding, it’s not your day.

So you don’t real­ly want to steal the spot­light.

That being said, if the dress code is ambigu­ous enough,

then feel free to take some cre­ative lee­way

with the .

So, because this is a funki­er and loud­er suit,

you have a lit­tle bit more lee­way to get a lit­tle

funki­er and loud­er with the adorn­ments.

That means instead of wear­ing a tie, like I am here,

you could wear a t‑shirt like Kyle is here,

or for that mat­ter, a silky but­ton down and a knit polo.

So if you’re look­ing for an ide­al funky and loud

mid-range option, you should go to a brand like Nee­dles,

which makes a suit that Kyle is wear­ing today.

It is absolute­ly nut­ty.

There are these very sub­tle pol­ka dots going up and down

the entire sil­hou­ette.

It’s got these brash peak lapels so big you could

land an air­plane on them.

And in gen­er­al, the pants tapered down to a bit of a flare

at the bot­tom, which lends the whole thing

a bit of a ’70s deca­dent vibe.

This is a suit that it’s almost crim­i­nal not to dance in.

This might sound sur­pris­ing, but some of streetwear’s

best and bright­est mak­ing and edi­ble state­ment suit.

You can go to Supreme, which rou­tine­ly releas­es a hand­ful

of real­ly eye grab­bing tai­lor­ing pieces every sea­son,

or a place like Stussy which will be able to out­fit you

with the same sort of vibe.

If price isn’t much of a pain point,

As you can imag­ine, there are plen­ty of options

like this beau­ti­ful dou­ble breast­ed ver­sion from Drake’s.

What’s great about this is that it’s actu­al­ly

a not too dis­tant rel­a­tive

of the suits that we talked about ear­li­er.

What makes this a lit­tle bit more

of a state­ment is the sub­tle shad­ow plaid

and also the cut here.

Anoth­er great dou­ble breast­ed option

with a very dif­fer­ent cut is this one

from Jer­ry Loren­zo’s label, Fear of God.

So unlike the Drake’s option we were ref­er­enc­ing ear­li­er,

this one’s some­what dif­fer­ent because there’s only

two but­tons here, which is very unusu­al

in most dou­ble breast­ed sil­hou­ettes.

Hav­ing a boxy sil­hou­ette like this alone

is some­thing that will always make a state­ment

with­out blind­ing peo­ple’s eyes.

We’ve got a great light blue option here

from the Aus­tralian tai­lor, Patrick John­son.

Like the Drake’s and Fear of God suits we were

talk­ing about before, it’s also dou­ble breast­ed

and has these sub­stan­tial peak lapels.

It’s made for bust­ing a move.

[groovy music]

[Kyle] Mix and match.

Mix and match is about dif­fer­ent pieces

and styling them with dif­fer­ent trousers

or sport coats that you either have

in your wardrobe already, or find­ing grails out

in the world.

This is where you can have a lit­tle bit more fun

and have more room to real­ly show off your per­son­al­i­ty.

You prob­a­bly have a navy suit.

You prob­a­bly have a gray suit.

Turns out, they go well togeth­er,

so you can kind of real­ly get a few more looks

with just two suits.

One thing that could make it a lit­tle bit trick­i­er

but also more fun is to play with the dif­fer­ent

tones and col­ors and tex­tures.

So a great start­ing off point would be

with Uniq­lo U’s relaxed fit suit.

Comes in a vari­ety of neu­tral toned col­ors,

black, kha­ki, gray.

The jack­et alone is only 90 bucks, so it’s very afford­able.

For those who are look­ing to step it up a tier,

the Stussy sport coat is the way to go.

It’s a lit­tle bit more boxy,

a lit­tle bit more styl­ish, still black.

So you can add this with any trouser.

You could do a nice dark char­coal pant with it

and it would look great,

but I might do some­thing on the lighter side

like what Kyle’s got on.

This is also great jump­ing off point

for some pat­terned pants too.

So a nice like check or striped pant

would be great for this.

So for anoth­er great mid-range option, Engi­neered Gar­ments

makes a nice Lawrence jack­et.

Goes with every­thing, very neu­tral.

At a high­er tier option, we have this Mr. P char­coal blaz­er.

It might look kind of plain on the sur­face, but you know

for this cat­e­go­ry, this is a real­ly great start­ing point

that’s gonna get you real­ly far.

[funky music]

So that was it for today.

Thanks for watch­ing.

You can find all of my favorite suits,

all of our favorite suits in the descrip­tion below.

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