Tech Trends for Cities and States

An article by Danielle McLean for Smart Cities gathers readers responses about the direction they expect technology trends to head in the new year.

“2023 will bring additional federal funding to improve transportation and further momentum around trends like electric bike and car adoption, office-to-housing conversions and more,” writes McLean to introduce the conversation.

The article lists trends like curb management; “smart transportation,” with a focus on safety and access; digital twins; shared vehicles; digital adoption by state and local governments; electric vehicle charging infrastructure; adaptive reuse; and more.

Some of the responses included in the article are from sources with a financial stake in technologies they are predicting will gain new levels of prominence, so some conflict of interest can be assumed. But as a measure of where the technology industry thinks and hopes it is headed in the near-term, the source article below has a lot more to consider.

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