Study: Half of Global Commutes Made by Car; Rates Vary Widely

than half of are now made by car, accord­ing to a new study from Com­plex­i­ty Sci­ence Hub. The study also high­lights which parts of the world are most car-depen­dent and where pub­lic tran­sit is most expan­sive.

The study exam­ines close to 800 around the world. “Across regions, the per­cent­age varies great­ly, almost 92% of jour­neys being made by auto­mo­bile in cities in the US and Cana­da. The per­cent­age of com­mutes by car in North­ern and South­ern Euro­pean cities ranges from 50% to 75%.”

The arti­cle includes inter­ac­tive visu­al­iza­tions of the . The analy­sis shows that, while car own­er­ship has grown, pub­lic tran­sit accounts for a major­i­ty of com­mutes in many Euro­pean and Asian cities, although vary wide­ly.

“In con­trast, the US exhibits min­i­mal vari­a­tion in modal across cities of dif­fer­ent sizes,” the researchers say. “As the study shows, in the Unit­ed States and Cana­da, near­ly 92% of com­mutes are made by car. Pub­lic tran­sit up 4.6%, and active mobil­i­ty makes up 3.5%.” , unsur­pris­ing­ly, has the high­est tran­sit mode share at 25 per­cent.

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