New Orleans Housing Report Card: “F” for Affordable Housing

The affordable housing crisis in New Orleans earned the city an “F” on HousingNOLA’s report card once again this year, reports David Jones for Fox 8.

HousingNOLA, which was formed in 2014, is a local coalition of residents and non-profits dedicated to solving the issues surrounding the lack of affordable housing in the city. The group issued a 10-year plan, which involves public and private organizations and community leaders working together to solve the city’s housing crisis.

HousingNOLA’s executive director said the city failed “to take basic steps toward creating more affordable housing in New Orleans,” pointing to the city’s many vacant and blighted properties. “Calling New Orleans a ‘non-functioning market’ because of the ample supply of vacant residential units and blighted property yet high housing costs, Morris said the city’s lack of affordable housing has ripple effects on everything from homelessness to crime to Louisiana’s ongoing insurance crisis.”

The city council will soon vote on an ordinance that would boost enforcement of tenant protection laws that bar landlords from letting poor conditions fester. “The legislation would also require basic essentials for a property to be licensed, including running water, AC, properly maintained electrical systems, water heaters, adequate roofs and walls and pest control.”

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