Lyft Pulls Micromobility From Los Angeles Area

Lyft announced its decision to remove its shared bicycles and scooters from the Los Angeles region, saying its operations were stymied by short-term contracts and multiple operators. Matthew Hall reports on the story for the Santa Monica Daily Press.

According to Lyft, “experiences in multiple North American markets has reinforced a belief that micromobility (scooters and bikes) should be run through long term public-private partnerships with a limited number of operators.”

After becoming the first city in Los Angeles County to launch a public bike share system, Santa Monica nixed Breeze Bike Share in November 2020, citing low ridership and the availability of other shared mobility services. Since then, the city has regulated shared micromobility through an “extended pilot program” that permitted four companies to operate in its jurisdiction. The city plans to establish a longer-term contract with two operators beginning in 2023.

In the meantime, Santa Monica’s remaining three operators will continue to provide e-bike and scooter devices. The city of Los Angeles operates its own Metro Bike Share fleet, which offers bikes at stations along the rail that runs from downtown Los Angeles to Santa Monica.

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