How Oversized SUVs Are Killing Us and the Environment

Writ­ing in Jalop­nik, Erin Mar­quis urges to watch a video pro­duced by Not Just Bikes which “high­lights the hor­ror” of over­sized .

It’s full of ver­i­fi­able facts will your jaw on the floor, such as: If all SUVs were a coun­try, it would rank sev­enth in the world for car­bon emis­sions (more than the Nether­lands and the UK com­bine.) Or that the infa­mous Chick­en Tax direct­ly led to the rise of over­sized vehi­cles. Or that the Nation­al High­way Traf­fic Admin­is­tra­tion does­n’t crash test two dif­fer­ent weight class­es of cars against each oth­er, despite these mod­els shar­ing the roads.

The video also offers solu­tions to the cri­sis, such as bring­ing back sta­tion wag­ons and mini­vans and tax­ing vehi­cles clas­si­fied as ‘light trucks.’ Aside from the impacts of big­ger vehi­cles, Mar­quis writes, “the num­bers don’t lie. As SUVs have risen, so too have , traf­fic fatal­i­ties, car­bon emis­sions and the instances of chil­dren being run over, rather than backed over.”

See the source arti­cle for a link to the full video.

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