Hints from Heloise: Know your job expectations and … say hello to Bailey the cat


Dear Read­ers: When you get a new job, you should be giv­en a job descrip­tion from your super­vi­sors. What is expect­ed of you as an employ­ee should be well-defined when you are hired. If any­thing is unclear to you, ask ques­tions. — Heloise


Dear Heloise: I want­ed to write in regard­ing los­ing socks. I bought 10 pairs of iden­ti­cal black socks, which I wore this past win­ter. Since they are all the same, I don’t have to do any . For oth­er socks, I don’t wait until doing laun­dry to pin them togeth­er; I pin them togeth­er when I take them off. — D.V.D., via email


Dear Read­ers: When you go to a garage sale, check all the items care­ful­ly. There can be real finds and very good items in many sales. Often, peo­ple are mov­ing and want to cut down on mov­ing costs, so you can find many spe­cial trea­sures among the junki­er stuff. — Heloise


Dear Heloise: My neigh­bor called me and asked me to her move a very heavy box from her porch to her bed­room. She had bought a bed that need­ed to be assem­bled, and the deliv­ery guy just dumped the box on her steps rather than bring­ing it to her door. He did­n’t even ring the door­bell to let her know she had a deliv­ery.

When I went to her house, I could see that the two of us could not car­ry the box inside. It was just too heavy. She was wor­ried because rain was on the way and ruin her new wood­en bed. I opened the box, and we took out the parts one or two at a time. Before you know it, we had the entire bed inside, and it was ready to be assem­bled.

The point is: If some­thing is too heavy to move, get friends to help you or open the box and remove the parts one at a time. Use slid­ers if you have to, but remem­ber, every prob­lem has a solu­tion. — C.M., in Mia­mi


Dear Read­ers: Be care­ful with the pho­tos you post online. Many employ­ers check your pro­files and pho­tos online. So, keep every­thing appro­pri­ate on sites that an employ­er might . — Heloise


Dear Read­ers: You may have lots of stuff left­over from your garage sale. If so, do not throw it out. Instead, call the local Sal­va­tion Army, your church, or thrift shops that can take your items. — Heloise

Dear Read­ers: If you’re think­ing about mak­ing a career change, make a list of your skills and the things you’d like to do. Then inves­ti­gate fur­ther by going online to see what’s avail­able. inter­est­ing indus­tries that might appeal to you. Talk to peo­ple who could help guide you into a new job or career. — Heloise


Dear Heloise: My adorable , Bai­ley, loves to pose for pic­tures! — Lau­ren Steele, via email



Read­ers, to see Bai­ley and our oth­er Pet Pals, go to Heloise.com and click on “Pet of the Week.”

Do you have a fur­ry friend to share with our read­ers? Send a pho­to and a brief descrip­tion to Heloise@Heloise.com. — Heloise

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