Friday Funny: The Onion Blasts U.S. for Slow Trains

“Address­ing the Peo­ple’s about the press­ing to dras­ti­cal­ly , Xi Jin­ping wor­ried Thurs­day that the Unit­ed States was out­pac­ing Chi­na on poor­ly func­tion­ing low-speed trains,” reads a total­ly made up, fake news arti­cle by The Onion.

Still, like by The Onion relat­ed to plan­ning, the satire bites because of how close­ly the arti­cle hits the mark.

“Chi­na must do worse as a ,” reads a total­ly fab­ri­cat­ed states­men by Pres­i­dent Xi Jin­ping in the source arti­cle, which you can at the link below.

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