California’s Year in Bike Policy

According to Kevin Claxton of CalBike, 2022 was a banner year for bike and pedestrian advocacy in California. Among the biggest successes:

  • The largest-ever investment in active transportation projects
  • Major legislative wins for bike and pedestrian safety
  • Many bike advocates won election to the state legislature
  • Development of a statewide electric bike rebate program slated to begin in 2023

Claxton points out that despite the good news, the state could do more to promote safe streets. “Cities and towns understand that safe streets for all modes are essential for creating livable, sustainable communities. It’s time for the state to understand that too, and devote more money to bikeways and less to freeways,” Claxton writes.

The source article links to a legislative recap of bike-related legislation, and explains the effect of some bills passed this year. Most notably, “The Freedom to Walk Act prevents police from issuing jaywalking tickets unless the person was endangering themselves or others. That will eliminate unnecessary and often biased ticketing that impacts disadvantaged communities the most.”

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