CA High-Speed Rail’s Latest Challenge: Floodwater

“Recent rainstorms that have created flooding in some parts of Kings and Tulare counties have also ground work to a halt at several key construction sites for California’s high-speed rail project,” Tim Sheehan for the Fresno Bee. While several work sites are shit down to the current flooding, officials expect the problem to continue into the summer, as a historic snow pack melts and sends even more water down the state’s various waterways.

Work is continuing along other stretches of the 119-mile stretch of the rail line currently under construction, but on sections impacted by flooding, construction crews have been working to help protect communicates from flooding, according to the article.

Meanwhile, high-speed rail officials report that the project is proving as resilient as it was designed. “The rail line has been designed to cope major floods; viaducts and a railbed that will elevated above the level of the surrounding land are expected to minimize the risk of damage from future floods,” according to the source cited in the article below.

“But it’s the seasonal flow of irrigation ditches and canals that the rail line must cross that represent uncertainty in how fast work can progress this coming fall and winter,” according to Sheehan.

The California High-Speed Rail project has faced numerous challenges through the years, from shifting political winds to cost overruns and planning challenges. 

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