Beverly Hills Installs First ‘Green Street’

A three- medi­an in Bev­er­ly Hills is thriv­ing as the city’s first ‘green ,’ just in time for this mon­th’s unusu­al­ly wet weath­er. As Tabor Brew­ster reports in Bev­er­ly Press, “The Bur­ton Way green street and water effi­cient project is in the final stages of test­ing and is set to offi­cial­ly open at a rib­bon- cer­e­mo­ny at Rex­ford Mini on Wednes­day, Feb. 28, at 11 a.m.”

The project is expect­ed to reduce water pol­lu­tion and water con­sump­tion by col­lect­ing rain­wa­ter and runoff. “Accord­ing to envi­ron­men­tal and pro­gram man­ag­er Josette Descal­zo, the project fea­tures a storm drain that divert water – from both rain and excess irri­ga­tion – into the medi­an on Bur­ton Way. From there, the water will be fil­tered by two 15-foot-wide veg­e­tat­ed chan­nels also known as bioswales.”

Accord­ing to May­or Julian Gold, the city plans to install more sim­i­lar projects to meet its sus­tain­abil­i­ty . “[Cal­i­for­nia] water reg­u­la­tions also require Bev­er­ly Hills to reduce its water con­sump­tion by 32%, and this project will save about 5 mil­lion gal­lons of water annu­al­ly, accord­ing to the city.”

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