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: confusionIf you’ve ever tried to help a recent grad­u­ate look for work, you prob­a­bly real­ized that they had only a vague idea of what the ‘right job’ might look for them. Over the years I’ve worked with a num­ber of my friends’ (because of course I am a Doc­tor of sorts!), point­ing them to job boards, assess­ment tools, and even books on occa­sion. But I always start by ask­ing them what they want to do.

At least two-thirds don’t know. Even the ones on a rel­a­tive­ly clear career , such as becom­ing a lawyer or a research sci­en­tist, still have to deci­sions: firm or cor­po­ra­tion is actu­al­ly going to get me clos­er to my goals? Because, you see…to reach your goals, you need to know what they are!

A caveat: since the reces­sion, I have noticed that these ‘kids’ have at least thought seri­ous­ly about what a mean­ing­ful job might be for them – but as we all know, the dev­il is in the details. What kinds of ques­tions should they ask them­selves? And how do they rec­on­cile the fact that their next job – which is most like­ly just a step on their long-term career path – won’t be per­fect? Some­times those ear­ly jobs only have a few redeem­ing aspects of the goals they’ve set for them­selves. It ain’t easy.

That’s where we come in – at least in an ide­al world. Almost every job has a per­cent­age of job seek­ers that are enter­ing the work­force for the first time. Some sites spe­cial­ize in these types of job seek­ers, oth­ers cater to more expe­ri­enced can­di­dates and pick up the entry-lev­el folks now and then. Whether you are a tra­di­tion­al job board, an brand­ing site, or some sort of hub, you essen­tial­ly ‘intro­duce’ the job seek­er to the employ­er – and to the broad­er indus­try as well.

So…are you doing a good job of intro­duc­ing and clar­i­fy­ing? Help­ing them ask the right ques­tions? Help­ing them learn more? Or are you just con­fus­ing these new­bies?

Out of the hun­dreds of sites and tools I look at each year, I’d say prob­a­bly less than half are actu­al­ly doing well on intro­duc­ing and fram­ing their employ­ers to these enter­ing job seek­ers. Even if entry-lev­el isn’t core to your , let’s be strate­gic here – after a while, these job seek­ers will move up and become the ‘expe­ri­enced’ can­di­dates you want. So do you want them to remem­ber you as a hot mess – or a help­ing hand?

Think about it!

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