AI and verification: with great power comes great confusion

Ai and verificationAI and ver­i­fi­ca­tion: the new job peanut but­ter and jel­ly? OK, I’m stretch­ing things a lit­tle (maybe a lot). But the real­i­ty is that AI can mim­ic humans so well that deep fakes are often effec­tive at fool­ing their audi­ence, it also cre­ates a chal­lenge for recruit­ing. How do you know that the appli­ca­tion that you just hand­ed off to your employ­er client is actu­al­ly a real, live human being? I’m not sure that check­ing a box that say’s ‘I’m not a robot’ will suf­fice.

Ver­i­fi­ca­tion has been an impor­tant of the hir­ing process since, well, . How­ev­er, I’m not sure tra­di­tion­al ver­i­fi­ca­tion has ever faced a chal­lenge quite like AI. The tech­nol­o­gy behind gen­er­a­tive AI allows almost any­one to cre­ate life­like appli­ca­tions, in high vol­ume, and in such a way as to evade tra­di­tion­al meth­ods of ‘prov­ing’ their source. What’s to an ambi­tious job seek­er from bur­row­ing into the inter­view cycles of mul­ti­ple com­pa­nies – or even more like­ly, what’s to keep a bored hack­er or angry ex-employ­ee from the same? Just as a denial of ser­vice attack can bring a web serv­er to its knees, so too could an avalanche of seem­ing­ly real but com­plete­ly fake appli­ca­tions swamp the typ­i­cal­ly over­worked and under­staffed HR depart­ment.

Imag­ine how hap­py that over­whelmed HR depart­ment would be if the appli­ca­tions were all sourced back to your job board? It would cer­tain­ly ele­vate the usu­al com­plaint from employ­ers of ‘unqual­i­fied appli­cants’ to a new and impres­sive height!

So what is a job board to do? I’m not sure, but I know what I would do. I would lock my team in a room with the most manip­u­la­tive job seek­ers you could find, and let them have at it. Ide­al­ly, at least a cou­ple of folks would be eter­nal­ly pes­simistic – pes­simists tend to pose use­ful about pos­si­ble solu­tions. I sus­pect that the job seek­ers could pro­vide inge­nious prob­lems for the tech team. Mix­ing AI and ver­i­fi­ca­tion would pro­duce plen­ty of prob­lems – maybe it could pro­duce some solu­tions, too.

Or maybe not.

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